Our designers will translate your ideas into the perfect logo, sign, decal, banner, graphic, or wrap. We can start from scratch to complete your design, we can start with your logo and add additional graphics, or we can use your print-ready artwork. If you would like us to design or update your logo, we will save the final design in several file formats for your future use on websites, social media, and apparel. We keep years of history on file, so f you need us to reprint something we made for you on a previous order, we can react quickly and provide a product identical to the original.

If you are supplying your own artwork, it’s always best to send us vector files. Please click here to view detailed guidelines.

Acceptable File Formats

  • PDF
  • AI
  • EPS
  • TIFF
  • PSB
  • PSD
  • JPG

*Files should be set up at actual size and all text on files must be created to outlines or converted to curves (paths) and include all linked images.

Document Resolution

Document resolution (or “DPI”) is the term used to describe the number of dots, or pixels, per inch used to display an image or file. Higher resolution means that more pixels are used to create the image, resulting in a crisper, cleaner image. An image will print pixelated when its resolution is low, or the image is enlarged significantly resulting in loss of quality. As a general guideline, 300 dpi is a sufficient resolution for most printed graphics.


Our printers will print CMYK colors, but your file can be prepared in RGB or CMYK. Please remember, a computer monitor is not an accurate guide of final color as every monitor will interpret colors a little differently.